Maintaining an automotive blog is a great way to bring new visitors to your virtual showroom. People are interested in more than just the cars on your lot; they want to know about your auto dealerships warranties, your service department, your auto body shop, financing, rentals, your staff, etc.

In addition, to wanting to know what your used car dealership offers, it is vital that you include automotive blogging articles about seasonal needs for vehicles.  These help drive leads to your website (virtual showroom) and shows people in the market that you can be their one-stop shop for all aspects of their automotive needs.

IDM’s automotive blog writers are well versed in the automotive industry, and the content they create is tailored for the specific services your used car dealership offers in addition to helping you move inventory.

Our automotive blog articles utilize a variety of keywords that match consumer search terms. Our automotive blog writers also research and target your specific audience demographics.  For example, if you are having a tire sale at your Arizona dealership, the people in your area are not likely to be searching for snow tires and the people searching for snow tires aren’t likely to be in your area.

Targeted Automotive Blogging

Automotive blogging should be targeted to specific times of the year; winterizing, getting your vehicle ready for summer road trips, etc.

Automotive blogging can also help you move specific cars in your inventory. Say you have a few nice Volvo’s on your lot, then a blog on car safety features highlighting those cars with photos of your stock will go a long way helping bring the people to your lot.

Instead of just posting an ad for an affordable oil change and free tire rotation, a blog explaining why these things are necessary and beneficial to the owner will help drive local traffic to your virtual showroom.

Like everything in life, there is an art to increasing vehicle sales and service tickets and targeted automotive blogging can help your dealership do just that.