VIN Marketing for Improved Automotive SEO resultsWhy VIN Specific Paid Search Campaigns are Important to your Automotive SEO Strategy

Automotive Search Engine Optimization (Automotive SEO) including Ad Word campaigns can drive traffic to a used car dealership’s website, but they don’t typically drive visitors to specific inventory items. Consumers are smart and often use search terms that are specific to the vehicle they are looking for when starting the car buying process. This is where VIN specific automotive paid search campaigns can drive substantial traffic to your VDP pages.

VIN specific paid search campaigns are part of automotive SEO and use the data from your data management system (DMS) to match the inventory you have on the lot to a consumer’s exact search terms. These types of ads provide information that is relevant to a specific VIN (car) such as the vehicle’s price, mileage, and location. When a consumer clicks on one of these car dealership ads, they are directed to the vehicle details page (VDP) for that VIN on your used car dealership’s website. This provides the consumer with an exact match for the car they are looking for. Using sophisticated software like Drive Auto, these automotive SEO ads for cars can be automatically generated in real time based on the inventory in your dealership’s DMS.

Used car dealerships can see upwards of a 150% increase in clicks on these ads boosting your automotive SEO efforts, and since the information provided to the consumer is an exact match, the number of closed sales based on these car dealership ads is significantly higher than standard Google Ad Word campaigns. Imagine having 100, 200, or even 500 micro VIN specific used car dealership ads being served to folks actively looking for the cars on your lot. Now imagine closing at least 75% of those potential customers. VIN specific paid search campaigns can make this happen and are a great way to encourage car shoppers to buy now.

VIN Specific Facebook Re-Marketing

VIN specific marketing doesn’t stop at Google Ads; it’s also a great way to extend your automotive social media reach by re-marketing your ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’ve all experienced it at one point; you search for something on Google, then move over to Facebook to check your feed and find related ads to a search you recently completed on Google. This is the power of re-marketing. By utilizing VIN specific re-marketing, you can now follow prospective buyers to the sites they visit the most. The use of car dealer social media marketing and re-marketing can increase clicks to VDP pages by over 200% versus standard Facebook ad marketing. Used car dealerships can now also utilize advanced Facebook features like carousels to showcase similar vehicles on social posts. For example, instead of posting one inventory item to your Facebook feed, you can now create a carousel of related cars based on their VINs to Facebook. This is a powerful tool since consumers are visually stimulated and although they may be in the market for a Ford F-150, they may want a red one, and the single post image you choose is a blue one. This may not catch their attention, but if you post a carousel with blue, red, gray, and white versions of the Ford F-150, your more likely to capture the interest of buyer that wants a specific color.
VIN Specific Display Re-Marketing

With so much information being consumed on a daily basis, it’s a challenge for dealerships to capture the interests of prospective customers. Unless a consumer is in the market for a vehicle, odds are they are going to ignore your banner ads. This is commonly referred to as Banner Ad Blindness. With VIN specific display re-marketing, you can now serve ads to consumers that have already expressed an interest in your inventory. These online auto ads are targeted to consumers that have interacted with your brand online, either through your website or social media channels. This approach helps to cut down on wasted advertising dollars since your car dealership ads are now being delivered to consumers that have an active interest in your product.