Ideas for Used Car Dealership to Increase Automotive Social Media Engagement

  1. To get the most out of your automotive social media marketing, offer advice or how-to messages to your followers. Most consumers looking for a car start by researching online. Automotive social media posts that focus on offering advice on how to select the right car or how to increase your trade value are guaranteed attention getters for folks researching through social media. Some possible post topics include:
    1. How to select the right vehicle for your family.
    2. Do you know what your trade is worth and how to increase its value?
    3. Check your credit score before buying a car through Credit Karma; it’s free.
  2. Offer tutorials on common car features. Consumers are often confused with all the options now available with vehicles, offering tutorials can help to reduce the stress associated with owning a “like-new” vehicle. Sample post topics include:
    1. How to setup Bluetooth through your car.
    2. How to program your radio stations or subscribe to streaming services.
    3. How to change the battery in your vehicle remote.
  3. Consider a “What to Expect at a Used Car Dealership” post. These types of social media automotive posts are a great way to showcase your excellent customer service, special services you provide for your customers or rewards programs that your dealership may offer. It’s good advice to highlight the essential steps in the process of purchasing a vehicle through your dealership.
  4. Financing a car is almost always a stress-point for most consumers. Post information about your finance options and help consumers understand that financing a vehicle doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. Suggested posts include:
    1. Key credit criteria that banks look at when financing vehicles.To
    2. Preparing for a car purchase, we can help!
    3. Types of financing available. (If you focus on sub-prime funding or buy-here, pay-here, let folks know.)
  5. Service Options specifically for used car purchases. Consumers are often concerned about inheriting problems when purchasing a used vehicle. Help alleviate those fears by posting about services that you provide to ensure that consumers are happy with their purchase and that they feel safe in the car they have bought from you. Posts can include:
    1. Essential check-ups for used vehicles.
    2. Why purchasing a used car is the right decision.
    3. How your service department can help with everyday issues.

Remember that consumers do a substantial amount of research online before ever contacting your dealership. You want to engage with them while they are researching, so posting content that relates to their research helps to ensure that they are looking at not only the vehicles you have in inventory but your expertise in the automotive industry. They want to know that you are there for them before, during, and after the car purchase.