We help used car dealerships use display advertising banner ads to target and re-target automotive customers by demographics, website content (contextual), past-purchase behavior, vehicle ownership, and more to increase online engagement and provide better automotive marketing results through qualified lead generation. We can help you take advantage of both visual and text banner ads in order to reach your audience and spread the word about your dealership. We provide access to premium banner ads that reach over 2 million sites and over 90% of the people on the internet including any major website and mobile app that sells ad space, including social networks, local news sites, national news portals, and automotive shopping websites such as KBB.com. With strong market penetration we work to attract new leads who are searching for your specific vehicle makes and models to increase your used car dealership sales.

Special Features

  • Targeted solutions that give you opportunities to reach the demographic you want.
  • Keeps your brand alive and relevant in your consumer’s day-to-day activities.
  • Re-target interested car buyers through multiple interactive opportunities with higher success rates.
  • Direct links on every ad send people looking for cars to your VDP pages; resulting in increased dealership sales.

Website Retargeting

Re-introducing, re-engaging, and converting people looking to buy a car through dynamic car ads that reaches millions of consumers across the nation.

Local Marketing

We have access to a trusted online news and information leader. We engage auto-intenders with the dealerships brand and message on a hometown platform.

Extended Network Marketing

We offer marketing that focuses on geographic targeting, demographic targeting, targeted content offerings, and specific audience targeting.