Drive Auto connects online car buyers to used car dealers, increases sales and automates used car marketing through the use of dealer inventory data. Drive Auto Marketing is an online marketing solution developed by automotive marketing experts to provide used car dealers with marketing automation & intelligence that ties all of a dealer’s individual marketing strategies into a single, simple to use interface.

In March 2018, Drive Auto won its first Automotive Website Awards presented annually at NADA. This dealership data-driven platform was named “Best in Marketing Automation” along with two other vendors. This was the first time the marketing platform entered into the prestigious competition.

The Automotive Website Awards honor the best in the automotive digital marketing industry for the year. For almost a decade, the Automotive Website Awards have been a benchmark in the auto industry for innovative products in technology, design, search marketing, and social media.

Special Features

  • 95% of used car buyers visit a minimum of 19 websites searching for a vehicle.
  • 60% of the car buying process is spent researching and shopping online.
  • 46% of people who purchased a used car in the last six month s filled out an online form.
  • Drive Auto makes sure that your inventory is seen by the right people at the right time across multiple screens and devices.

Drive Intelligence

Drive Auto’s proprietary Drive ID Analytics tag gives us the unique ability to connect the dots between your existing customer base and the “anonymous” people looking at your vehicles online.

Drive Search

Drive search is linked directly to your inventory to provide more relevant search ads that are specific to your customer profile which generates quality traffic and sells more cars.

Auto Mining

Auto mining identifies potential car buyers that can purchase a similar vehicle without changing their monthly payment by more than 10%.