Automotive e-mail marketing automation continues to be one of the most effective online marketing strategies for used car dealerships. Nearly 75% of adults say that email is their preferred method of communication as of May 2018. We help our used car dealerships to take advantage of this trend by creating introductory email templates for their new customers, follow-up email templates and employ some of the best e-mail marketing automation strategies for used car dealerships. Our expertise in strategy, messaging, creative, subject line and copy development guarantees that you’re going to sell more used cars with our full-service E-mail Marketing Automation solutions.

Our database is up-to-date with only active users in the market to buy a used car for the last 30-60 days. We can eliminate existing consumers subscribed to your e-mail list, delivering new and unique leads to your sales team. We send “white label” e-mails with your branding and focus on locally targeted car sales email templates that get results.

Special Features

  • We create engaging conversations with targeted consumers to achieve positive email campaign ROI.
  • We utilize specific targeting; focusing on your local area and your customers to reach the right audience.
  • We create compelling client-branded e-mail templates that get noticed.
  • Popular package offerings feature 25,000, 26,000-50,000, or 50,000 plus e-mails.

Social Media E-Mail Integration

We help your dealership inspire new customers to “share”, “like” and “follow” your content.

Lead Generation

E-Mail marketing creates stronger lead generation and increases consumer interest and loyal customers.

E-Mail Tracking

We track email opens, clicks, and employ follow-up engagement tactics for consumers that don't respond to emails.